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Spotify: How to Hide or Unhide a Song

There are various reasons why you may want to hide a song. Maybe it brings back bad memories, or you don’t like it anymore. The good news is that Spotify offers its users the option o hide songs. But you can also bring them back if you change your mind. How to Hide a Song on Spotify There are some things to remember: you can only hide a song from the Android or iOS app. It’s impossible to hide a song from the desktop or web version. Also, you can only hide songs on a public playlist or were made by Spotify. If you’re ready to continue, you can hide the song by doing the following. Once the playlist is open, find the song you want to remove. Tap on the dots to the right. If you’ve chosen the right playlist, the Hide this song option should be the second one from the top. AD After you tap on the Hide button, it’ll be marked. From now on, as long as you listen to songs from this playlist, you won’t have them come up. If you tap on the dots to the right of the song, you’

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