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How to Enable Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

You know you can’t keep the kids away from the Internet forever, but it can be stressful to think that they will come across content that is not meant for them. Microsoft Edge’s Kids Mode is one tool that will help keep your kids safe. The feature is free to use and has 70 sites your kids can safely look at. It’s also possible for parents to add any other sites they want their kids to browse. Kids Mode doesn’t make it easy for your kids to turn it off since they will need the computer’s password to do so. All shortcuts are turned off so no accidents occur, and they somehow turn it off. This feature was added only last year, and there is no need to create another profile to use it. You can easily start using it by toggling it on through your profile picture. The feature won’t work if you’re still using the legacy version of Microsoft Edge; update to the Chromium-based version. How to Enable Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge As previously mentioned, you will not need to cre

Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth

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